Friday, October 29, 2010

strong tower (acts 1)

Father, You are my strong tower, You are the mighty fortress I hope in.Though I might lose everything, I will have peace in You. Lord, the resting place is You. Not in anything that I can buy, get ,or have given to me. Just You. I trust in You. I keep saying that because sometimes I just need to get it in my head. For the disciples, the resting place was a hope in Jesus Christ to come back to life, and once He did it was a hope to come back out of the clouds. He will come back, but He wants all of His children to come, the full measure of who will come to hope in Him. Today we have the same hope as them. We must endure to get the full measure of who will follow Him. That is a great hope and resting place for us. He loves us all so much that He is waiting for those who will choose Him. He is truly our resting place/strong tower/ safe place. He will never fail. I want to be like Him.

Lord, show me how to be a man who can affectively lead others to find that resting place. We can help them by showing them the one lone tower in the field, and You are that tower. I love You.

(Wrote on a grassy hill at night with a flash light haha. Yes it's fun to do that.I highly recommend it. Writing outside really helps you understand God vividly)

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Chris Kelly said...

Amen! He is my strong tower. Thanks for reminding me!