Thursday, October 21, 2010

Never give up (Mark 12:1-10)

Lord, You make our hearts beautiful. All that is evil will not stand against Your purposes to make beauty out of ....nothing. Even my own life is changed if I give what is,nothing anymore, to You. I praise You. You are good Lord, not only that,but great.Your purposes are to be trusted and here and now I re-dedicate myself to serve You . no matter what may happen. God, You must love us with an everlasting love beyond my own dreams and imagination. I'm only now realizing this about You.

And what is more You are the everlasting King, Loving. I would feel great honor and safety if I could just crawl into Your lap. I would fall asleep without a worry because You are stronger. I can't wait to just run in the green grass. You are so loving, You sent so many to us, to help. You never give up. You could see that I would love You. And You can't give up on my small existence and love. I live because You love. I exist because You would never let go, on any of us. All I need that's all any of us need to do. I love You Jesus, I love You Lord.
-matthew kelly

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