Thursday, November 4, 2010

faker (acts 5)

These things I have always need to make me look better than I really am. Lord, Help me to be true to myself. We're all in a Spiritual battle for our very lives. A fake sword just doesn't work.
Their are things we hide to keep for ourselves. We are looking for our own glory. It's not that You don't want us to be proud of the things we accomplish, but You don't want it to be false. You desire real strength and real personalities,real image, not a make-believe look of one. I need to actually be strong, actually be healthy, actually be a good leader, not a false one. Those will fail. Falseness will fail. Only the appearance of something we're not, isn't good enough. The only way we'll last is through authenticity and just doing "it." A plastic lock on a door will just break. It's only the appearance of a lock. Plastic locks are worth nothing, authenticity is everything.

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