Tuesday, October 12, 2010

agianst the grain (mark 7)

We hold so tightly to man made laws and traditions. I rebuke these things. I go against the grain. If I must and I sit here at a "rest stop" in the grass,without a chair even...all things man made, are open to flaw.Even I am. I can't do anything. I can't even just be who I am right now.But it's you Lord who guides me, You guide my paths. You make them straight. All things I fear that could happen, are safely in Your gentle hands. So i'm going against the grain, everything is against that, I seek You. I know You'll make what was in my life, beautiful again. Nothing can stop that! Because nothing can stop you.

Matthew (you humble servant)

Save me, I know you realize how hurt I am right now. How I can't stand, even now. I can stand with You. It's You who gets me through. It's You I hope in.

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