Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Purity again (mark 15)

It's a funny section of the bible I go through this now. I go through it near halloween. That (the day Jesus was crucified) was a dark day,but also a very respected day. I have that day to thank for my sins being taken. This lamb walked willingly to be slaughtered. The King, out of love, was beaten and killed for me. I can forever be with Him. Not just me, but all of us. And all the while, there were some women watching from a distance. I image all their sorrow and love. A womans heart is a beautiful thing. They have the ability to care in a unique way that just looks somehow beautiful.....God came to rescue the weak. We are all weak. When we look at the reality of how fragile we are and humble ourselves,taking His blood (which He freely gives) for a ransom for our sins. God forgives our dept.He was so strong when He was healthy that pilate didn't at first believe He was dead. Jesus must have been very strong to last as long as He did already.

Lord, I pray You would be with me today. I admit fully that I may have made You second, but logically no one can sustain me with life. No one can hold me stronger. No one can give me peace and purpose. Only You can. I've been reading about chastity, chastity is all for You anyway. I may have not realized how greatly important it was before (except that it was only a rule) but today I know the rewards You have to offer. I see them. Pure love means a pure marriage that is full. But we trade the choice for purity for our own trash. We think the trash is better but it's really not. Allow me to experience that purity in my future marriage and love. That purity is something that I take by faith. True purity is alot like living in the garden of eden again. Nothing can hurt us. It's purity. True purity. I love You Lord.

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