Thursday, October 14, 2010

dread champion

God has made me do things with a passion and without fail. I will never fail so long as God is walking with me. How can I lose if God comes like a dread champion (Jeremiah 20:11 NASB).I have nothing to fear. You’ve got to understand, being raised in a Christian home has it’s benefits than the world. I’m not like other men. I will always persevere for the right cause (the Just cause). I simply must. God built that in me,and does with all who seek Him.

Evil must not win. Justice must prevail. Christ is attractive for that reason, He will never fail. He loved us so much, He was betrayed,spit on, humiliated, beat, talked about, and finally crucified. I want to be like Him. He’s my hero. Then He wasn’t finished,3 days later, He broke the gates of Hell down, and came alive. Death couldn’t take Him. His body, mind, and was transformed to be stronger. He loved us so much,He went from death to life, from Hell and Heaven, to save His beloved. Us. That’s my Dad. That’s our Dad. We pursue Him together. And love together, the One who came to earth beaten and bruised,Hell, Heaven,to earth in a new body. Proving that He alone has the power to win. Go with me in this epic’s full of pain ,and suffering,but it has it’s rewards that last forever. And me? I will never give up to heal. He’s healing me even now. It’s not about my physical state...It’s about my heart. Will my heart prevail?It must. You want to stop me? You're going to need to kill me.

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