Friday, October 22, 2010

The things we build (mark 13:1-2)

All these things we build ourselves will not last. They will fall.We marvel over so many things in or this world. It's so sad because we just trade it for something that won't last forever. It might be stolen. It might be lost, weather might rip it apart. It might be defaced. I hold on to the things the world has too. I want something important. I want what!? Glory from men is nothing but a whisp of air!? A beautiful girl?! She could change by the stress of the world on her. She could just not want to go forward anymore.

But You O'Lord, will not change It's You i need to constantly remind myself to seek after. Let's make no mistake, I forget too. Someday on a bright morning, I'll be able to run into Your arms and I'll wonder, "what was I ever thinking?!" You Father are the true treasure. All I do is for You! To further Your kingdom. You provide all I need and could ever want in this place on earth. Why do I need to travel through all this hard stuff just to be in Your arms. I love You Father, I love You.
-matthew kelly

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