Friday, October 15, 2010

Salt...not the movie (mark 9:50)

“salt is good..”, "have salt in yourself..." what does that mean, except for the obvious? Salt is a spice, it’s also strong, and bitter. Our ,“saltiness” is our spunk (that’s the only word I can use to help describe it), but that’s only apart of it. I’m going to go off “spunk.” So salt can represent our personality or that thing that drives us. Like salt in my heart for winning has to do with what winning means to me. It means glory of being the best at it,(at least now) It means I’m cool, It means i can take care of myself here, it means i have power, etc. That is salt,spice of things. God loves salt,it’s our passion for things. He wanted to salt the earth and He made adventure with many variables. Salt makes me enjoy it. He tossed it in the mix of things.
We need salt in our mission, especially when seeking God. Things are just more entertaining. The biggest lie about God is He is dull. How can anyone truthfully believe that. This is a God who created brilliant adventure and amazing gorgeous things all around us! The adventure is everywhere! We just need to live in this world created by an amazing King. Our Dad really is all we can hope for.In a world where no one is 100% honest or pure in heart, it’s sometimes hard to believe because we’ve never seen that. The enemy wants to destroy this, all of it! I don’t know what his problem is...just selfishness, it’s basically self-destructive.Satan has no chance, even if by some impossible way he was to gain power, his kingdom would fall.But thanks be to our good Fathers strength, we have nothing to fear, EVER!!
Lord, I love You! More today than before. You are strong, You are powerful, You are all knowing, what do I have to fear?
I love You.
-matthew kelly

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