Tuesday, August 3, 2010

first post.....again.

hi everyone. i'm back and recovering from a wreck. i describe myself as inside out now, because i wear my emotions outside.

I have a girlfriend now,she was actually with me in the crash(not dating yet).She is great,she likes art and the same kind of music, she's compassionate, more importantly she loves God. She is the best girl i've ever met.

2Thessalonians 1

Lord, I only now am a wandering little boy now.

I seek you with all my heart, and concentration and who i am. Lord i know this is a fallin world in my heart, but you created a world pure and right world in the beginning,but i've been hurt in the battle. But you O'Lord have the power to heal.What except,giving glory to you is worth anything?God the master, creator,found it worthy that not there are humans who have freewill to love, so what else is really important now? Freewill to love and receive it is all that matters. In all creation,the greatest thing is love, and to love you.And we, as God's children, need it too. Lord, i love you. would you be with me as i continue to heal?

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