Monday, August 9, 2010

the creator.

I think If I had a choice between the creator of the universe and a lovely girl,I would choose the creator. He made everything and He loves me (out of all the animals) He made.The lovely girl satisfies the physical and emotional wants, and maybe play chess every so often, but God made the physical desires,He can satisfy the emotional fully. Why did God who has everything create us?i don't know.Maybe to have someone to love on(epically). One with a freedom of choice being lesser ,to love on for a time,and to take care for. Also He provided a lot of toys for His children,the animals(with other things)to use as they will.God made us with some of the same desires that we needed to understand Him. Mostly He wants us to understand Him. He wants us to understand, He gives us passions, and desires so that we could do with our desires something right,not selfishly. But to share like He does.

I love You Father. You have given me so much.


Danae said...

How GREAT is our God!! I am drawn nearer to Him because of your life, Matthew Kelly. :)

tessa said...

He makes us new. this is beautiful, matt.

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

that encourages me that you can see God better through what God teaches me.