Tuesday, August 24, 2010

just plain honest.questions and confirmations

Lord my God, and Father. I trust in you, be patient with me because of my questing heart. To be completely honest, my lips say one thing and my actions sometimes do another. I desire deeply to have Faith in your word but i look around me and just don't know if Your hand is on things done because I can explain why its happening because of nature. For example, if I cut a tree, I know it will grow back.I can see it.That's the reason I have trouble (this atheist mentality is why You want me as a witness, Sampson was super strong, David was really handsome,Paul was book smart. I can prove You are true and live. I love you.). Lord I ask you to give me unexplained things to show your presence. My list right now is.....

1.the existence of everything in general
2.a bush
3.Heck that i live now after a car crash i should have died in.
4.a special and beautiful girl, who had faith that i would love her when i woke(that's super unexplained because i didn't even try, she was just there for me to meet when i first saw her at a friend's house before the crash)

That is faith, the sensitivity on her heart. That is special that i would be able to find this girl,out of so many others.Let your will be done. You have a plan to help me,Not harm me (Jeremiah 29:11).

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