Sunday, August 8, 2010

"turn to me"

right now, I have no ability to trust myself,if any good comes, it's because God wills it. I have no strength, no ability to earn money,heck, i don't have any ability to hold onto brenda(even get her) by myself alone. If its God's will, she'll be with me, it's out of my hands. Lord, I hold on to You, because my ability to trust myself for anything is not there. I don't know even know why brenda stays with me, i'm so weak now. I'm naked , I have nothing physically. in this state,I come before You humbly. I woke from a coma only to find money in my bank account(about 7,000), a girl who is willing to be with me now.... my school bills paid for and friends far off reuniting.Lord you are so good.You restore me with something to make me grow in you.That must be why you allowed Benda and I. You know how I work, I won't turn to You unless I realize there is no other way. No matter how much I want to, I don't. So I turn to You because You are the only way.

You O'Lord, are my all, and this is my training camp where I know the truth is, with not only my head, my heart as well.

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tessa said...

you are so real. Matt, thank you for sharing. your rawness presented in your blog brings me to tears. you are his servant.