Saturday, August 14, 2010

God is merciful (job 6)

I think i'm going nuts today...i just left about 15 text messages to one person, of which i'm very sorry for and want not to do again. This state i'm in has got to stop. But thankfully she has forgiven me for this craziness. My girl is that cool. God has provided me with that amazing of a girl... Now to my daily devotional....
Job here is complaining about how he has been unjustly served.He was full and is complaining how he is hurt even though he was doing everything God commanded of him.
Now I,having been in a crash have endured much, He knows my secret sins,but they are forgiven and i praise for His mercy.

I love you Lord because i had sin but You wiped it away,You cleaned by the cross. I give you praise for that. Humans are not that loving. Lord, I praise you for giving me a gracious girl (who is not perfect, but because of that, she can smear and mess up a bit and learn with me) . Please mold us and bless us.

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