Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Believe in Fairy Tales

I believe full heartedly in fairy tales. Not exactly in the kinds that tell a story about talking wolves or of blind mice but in the much deeper concepts. That dragons live in our dark world and can be slain. That there is love, it can be happily ever after, that magic can set us free, we were bond but we needed help to be released. Magic goes throughout the world. We see it with every chirping bird that flies in the air, the grass that grows in spring time, the flowers budding as it knows the time of year. The water sparkles at me as the sun shines down and hits little reflective things turning and churning while the breeze creates waves. I believe in fairy tales. There is a great and epic terror, but we have a greater King, Dread Champion(Jer. 20:11), powerful victor, loving Father, calling His sons and daughters to stand with Him in the inheritance of the captured land. We were prophesied a victory over evil. it saturates every cell of our imaginations. All of history proclaims the same story line. The hope of the promised One who would overthrow the evil lord and prince of the earth. God put that story in the hearts of us all. You see it in Young hearts, but soon old men will dream those dreams also. Dreams of a fallen war lord and a wild victory for the One true King to sit on the throne on earth as in Heaven.

"Salvation and glory and power belongs to our God, for His judgments are true and Just; for He has judged the great prostitute who corrupted the earth with her immorality, and has avenged on her the blood of His servants"
Revelation 19:1

Great is the King, Great is our Lord who's deepest vision pierces the hearts of every nation in every century of every generation the Hope of Glory and power, I believe in fairy tales.
Amen. I love you Jesus.


Gledwood said...

Someone once told me some of the traditional fairytales are folk memories from ancient Israel illustrating Biblical points and I think she may have been right...

Matthew said...

what do you mean?