Friday, August 20, 2010

the keys

this has been a thought inspired by someone close to me. I honestly believe it's more than just herself because i feel the same pull on my heart and it's consistent in the bible( the dream/vision is me chained to the wall, i'm struggling and Jesus sits, asking me to just look at Him).We share this. It's on my heart too.

Lord, I've been through this crash, I'm struggling now, but You ask me to "be calm and let Me simply work." Here and now, i turn to You. I ask You for Your help Father. You are the only way. There is no other way to be healed. Your the only way for any of us Whether those wound range from physical to spiritual. There is no other, it's my nature to fight whatever would stands in my way. I know it's not helpful now but let this fight in me be changed to fight for your all and your ways.
I love You. You set the captives free. We are all locked down, we need You, You're sustainment and life. You are the only one with the keys.

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