Sunday, November 14, 2010

He is life

Hey I think someone I know uncovered a weakness in my heart. I fight with this. Beauty, I tend to make something great to myself....but that beauty can not provide. That beauty is worthless in the end to protect me. That beauty can not be a job,or food. Beauty dies. Beauty is however captivating.

There really is no reason to even make that to myself, an idol. That is my idol. Yes, there's nothing wrong with beauty, but to make it more than it should be....that is a sin.It also hurts me in the end. I can't let beauty be more than it is in my life because their is no benefit. On this outing with the pastors I want to make Jesus more than anything in my heart. After all He is the creator of all beauty. How can I ever have better? He is life He is my purpose. He is my all. All else must be second.

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