Tuesday, November 23, 2010

all is worthless (acts 23)

Everywhere Christ is spoken about stirs up riots. Especially this time when acts was written. Jesus proclaims peace, and has strength to lift us up when we are struck or beat down, or can't go on anymore. And for some reason...people are offended. I don't know ,but I have a theory, we just want our own pathetic way, we don't see the truth. That's what causes so much hate, because we want it our own way, but that's just dumb. If there is someway to go that guarantees life ,joy, and peace, I'll give it all up for that. All else is worthless. Not that we'll be just happy all the time, but joy is something deeper, contentment.

It's like if I was going to for sure give you 10 dollars if you choose to go down a trail with me then you go down another trail that you don't know about, then find some cow dung. Can you see what kind of chooses people make? We make those all the time....and I'm not singling you out...I do soooo much too. More then I should. But Jesus is pleading with us, "come this way." I love you Jesus. You have right direction.

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