Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the premier post of this blog....Love.

What if love is more powerful than hate? It binds all together,and hopes all things. Hate is the exact opposite. It's constantly negative, constantly betraying, constantly back stabbing. If a force is driven at it's core by hate, how can it stand? God is love. He is life, He is existence. If you were to go against a power propelled by love, you would fall. It's amazing to me that love lasts. We think in this world that hate is stronger. It might win a battle but not a war, especially in this world. Love is eternal wheeeew...what a relief. Nothing at all could exist without love. Love begot creation. Don't you love someone before you have intercourse? Not always, but that does not grow to be a happy child then. Not that the child will ever be happy but it's just a child that grows with challenges ahead..... That's how humanity was designed, by love. God chose us to show His love. Heaven's weapon is love. Love can't be destroyed. Maybe on a small scale but on the large scale it out lives. Hate is destruction even to itself. The bible was right, love never fails, it can't.

Love causes passion. If you love someone you'll fight to protect them, passionately. Now think of that in relation to God and what He did. He came down to save us. He stepped off His thrown and humbled Himself to a small creature just to save us. That is amazing love. For those who will possibly reject Him. He did not stand to let us all be punished for eternity in a place He made for satan and not us. He fought for us.

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