Wednesday, November 17, 2010

before all others (acts 19)

Jesus certainly stirred He stirred alot of things when He came. But why did He come?! He came to heal this world. He came to seek the lost (which is us all). And THAT stirred up alot? Well
only not exactly. We want to just do our own thing. We want to have some sort of power. But in reality we are only lost sheep, getting lost, falling off a cliff, wandering around, getting stuck in ditches. We think we can just do it in our own ignorance. These people were getting all excited because Paul was preaching these things about Jesus. And the fact that we need to put aside everything in life, that isn’t worth much at all, and follow Him is threatening to us because all of the sudden we, ourselves, are contradicted. It’s why anyone in this secular world gets mad at us. It’s true even with the evolution debates.
Lord, we try so hard to make ourselves in charge but that’s really not the truth to pursue. Ourselves will fail in the end. The truth is we’re charge whether we think so or not. So here I am. I admit the truth. You’re our good Father, You protect us. Your will is planned for our lives. It’s a scary thing when we realize we are not in control. But the thing is You are. What do we have to fear? You “lead us beside still waters” I now understand Psalm 23. I never really did before.
I love You.

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