Wednesday, September 15, 2010

flimsy world treasures

Strangely i've been getting this alot. Yesterday,this was my devotional then in the evening this was a men devotional but in Mark 10 not Matthew 23. That word "give it all up and follow me."

O'Lord you are my King, You have ultimate wisdom. I know i'm locked up right now. Let me be until i've learned what i need to know so I can glorify my kingdom. Your word speaks of pharisees being blind, If they would turn to you, they would have real treasure that you give. So here i am, i have nothing. I give you all. Use me for your glory. Don't let me be for this flimsy worldly treasure. I would give You all. Cover my shameful nakedness.
Father, You never give up. You saved us regardless. For Your goodness, I thank You. Lord, continue to heal me.

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