Saturday, September 18, 2010

Father will never give up

Lately this section has been hitting me alot and it's not normal to remember because i have a HEAD INJURY.Did you get that?So i think God has placed it on me. It's matthew 14:22-33. Jesus walks on water without a boat and the sailors are spooked because they see Jesus walking on water.Walking on water isn't normal if you haven't realized that.Peter asks "if that is really you call me out to come walk to you." Jesus says, "come" Peter starts walking. And looks around him and sees the waves, and fears. He takes his faith off Jesus. Jesus stoops down and asks"why did you doubt?" Jesus obviously gave him no reason to doubt. The obvious question sunk deeper than Peter would ever go. Then they walked back to the boat. I imagine, they do it hold hands. Jesus is such a good Father. He will never let us go,He doesn't with me. Even when we don't see Him right there. He reaches to hold our hand. He pulls us up.That is my Father..... He'll never give up. I want to be like Him. I hope He's proud of me now.

And tonight I had so much freedom. I jogged and drove.
I love you Lord.

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