Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love You Father. I run for You

matthew 23 (just a little p.s. cometary about it,not the actual entry,i'll keep that one to myself)

I love you Jesus
i admit it i'm totally in love with you. I'm not ashamed. The thing is, you are a mans man, you are who i aspire to be , though everything fall away, You are, Your strong arms have me, They have me tight none can ever steal me away. You are like the man anyone seeks to be, You are the definition. I'm privileged to be in Your likeness because You are what a human truly can be. You make us like Yourself but Your a true Father. You love to love, You have adventure in Your heart, You are epic (the very sense of the word),kind,strong, and love music. Though if everyone were to leave me, You simply are and I will serve You.
I love You, never get tired of that from me. It will last forever, I will shout it,Your brave son (You made me that way after all),
Matthew Kelly

p.s.toss it all aside you lose nothing when you have the King on Your side.

(Lord, men are just half.Women are the other half of your personality.That's why they are to be valued by us men. That's why we are to make part of you when we come together)

I know this is unorthodox theology but I'm just saying what I believe is put on my heart to glorify God we serve. He is passionate and His truth is shown in the scriptures I post to prove to you who He is.

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