Friday, January 3, 2014

Offering Life: Sin Theology

    It was for sin the Israelites not to drink “any living thing” because the blood is it’ life. How is that different from sacrificing it? To sacrifice It is to offer it’s life up. To drink it’s “life” is to take it into yourself. It’s selfish and obviously isn’t a sacrifice. Our giving is saying “You are life, take all I have. Take this life for that life only You can give.” It’s also saying that life paid the debt that I caused. Sin equals death. These sins would have eventually ended in my death but through the payment, I’m allowed to live! The animal sacrificed is only an analogy of the One true sacrifice that pays the full price. It’s as if your paying with a credit card, the debt will and can only be paid by God Himself, Jesus God’s own son, the perfect lamb. God organized reality. This is the only way that for life to work. In reality, if you notice, there seems to be a debt for anything at all. To function, something has to use energy and have waste. To live, you eat and expel fecal matter. To breath you use oxygen and carbon dioxide is expelling. All of the universe is on a downhill spiral.
       God is perfect, He uses nothing to produce power. He can keep going forever because He is perfect. Sin is death. It literally means “missing the mark.” It’s doing the wrong thing when the right thing equals a positive living motion. 


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