Friday, January 3, 2014

John 17

(first read john 17)       

 John 17 (pt 1)

Lord, let You be glorified and seen. You are the real meaningful purpose of life and that's it. To be truthful and really honest, You are the only purpose. It's not our petty joys,although those are ordained and given to us by You,they have no last significance. Only You have that. Only You're beautiful perfection.  It's true our eternal life is you...
A) You're the creator
B) You're the source
C) You're the sustainer
D) You're the purpose
You aren't only "my" purpose, You are everyone's meaning to this life.You're all of lifes purpose.  You're the purpose. It's like gravity,  you don't need to feel tge effects to know it's true. It just is.
Vs. 1-4

John 17 (pt. 2)

Wow, Jesus some pretty amazing things are said here. He’s basically equating Himself with God the Father by saying;  "glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had before the world existed." To manifest God’s name (vs. 6a), Yahweh. To manifest is to literally become in physical form. He (Jesus) talks about glory . In this particular usage of the word glory (vs. 5), He’s talking about the magnificence, and perfection of God. He (God) is truly the center of all in existence. You can deny it if you want like you can deny that the sun is hot, it’s still hot no matter if you deny it or not. He is the point. He is the One piece of light that you can see among darkness. Everything is dead and dying apart from Him. It’s all about His purpose. Why? He is light and the creator of the concept. Before Him, there was nothing. I’m not saying there was a “before Him,” I’m only saying that without His choice. Jesus has His words. The words that the One who was and is. What is more important? His words are action, like thought dictates a bodies movement. It’s easier to see His power if we correlate it with what we can see with our eyes. We have control of our bodies with our thoughts, to move your hand up, you think, move up (not the actual words), and it moves.
     Thoughts and ideas become more important. Words are information, information makes life.  (vs. 5-9)

John 17 (pt. 3)
   What really stuck out to me was vs. 19, “sanctified in the truth.” To be sanctified is to be made holy. How can you be made holy in the truth?
    Truth is the essence of what is. Christ is what is. When you get to bottom of what everything in life regardless of what you believe, God is, and Christ is. To know Christ and choose Him is to know to know what real life is. That’s the problem with life on earth. We think life is temporary because that’s how long our bodies last. We don’t realize that God made us to live forever in His presence. We focus on temporary things because we believed the lie that “ what you see is what you get.” True life is God’s eternal life, It’s what we were meant for, not what you see is what you get. God is trying to make us see real things. He’s God, He has the power to force us. You see, if you programmed a robot to love you, would that be real love? He gave us the ability to choose. We need to choose the real things. He came as a man for two reasons, so we could actually physically see,touch, and relate to the Father and to pay the price that we couldn’t pay for anyone that chooses Him. It all depends on choose.
      We are made holy in our choice of Him and His sacrifice for us. We are sanctified in the truth because He consecrated Himself for us.
(vs. 10-19)

John 17 (pt. 4)
    Is it possible that God’s intention was to create an amazing amount of variety  of people that could be under one roof, one single desire, and one ultimate direction? It looks like that. I look around the world and there are so many variations, so many colors, so many tastes, and just so many differences. The thing is, they’re all governed by one earth environment. It’s all contingent on one for the greater purpose. Different variations feed off of and balance each other out. God wants that for us. He loves the variety of our thoughts, feelings and reactions to different circumstances. It makes our Lord smile while watching His children. The variety of one creates a sense of adventure too. The Lord we serve isn’t boring. We twisted the idea of “one” of being like robots. We twisted the image of everyone doing the same boring thing. In that idea, we only do bland work for our own survivals sake. It’s not like that, the original “one” concept isn’t like that at all! It actually creates life, united on the idea that God is all!
    The church was meant to be a mini version of God’s newal and of the original purpose for humanity. Other people have tried to create that image apart from God. It produced communist type cult religions. That twisted way created destruction but through Gods power and direction it can be. If we look in the bible in acts 2:42-47, we see a miniature version of what God wanted. He hasn’t given up, He never gives up.
(vs. 20-26)

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