Friday, January 3, 2014

Gruesome…..Sacrifice needed (exodus 29)

         I was thinking about the way God ordained sacrifice for Aaron’s sons to be cleansed in this passage. God said “you shall kill the bull before the Lord,” basically so that He/we can see it clearly, Exodus 29:11. I was thinking, why does this even need to happen? Why must a Holy God who is pure be shown this? God loves analogies. Maybe sin is gruesome and gory to God? To see our “sin” placed on an alter and burned, in all of it’s goriness, is that sin being demolished away. God in His Holiness is demonstrating to us, graphically, what He sees everyday from us! This isn’t God who created gore, it was us first! We abused how He meant things to be. God is all for equality an balance of things, that offering doesn’t equal sin, it was only an animal. It’s a prophesy and the image of what needed to be done for us. The true sin offerings were meant through Jesus Christ, the representative for the human race. That “needed” to happen. We don’t have the ability to be perfect and free to not sin in our power. God had to offer Himself (His son) for all of our sin to create balance in this existence. His Judgment will not fall on those who choose Christ! It’s only right for a perfect God to create balance and judgment, for the same reason a judge in the judicial system can’t simply let a criminal go free unpunished.

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