Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Holiness (exodus 23)

      God told Moses to make a dwelling place for Him to dwell among His people. God’s absolute Holiness is so perfect and good that anything else in this world defiles Him. “Holiness” is a very difficult concept to understand. Imagine a perfect sphere. It’s perfect, it rolls amazingly smooth. If not for gravitational forces on this earth, the bumps and hills. It could roll forever.
     That’s what God, in His infinite perfection is. He is, always was, and always will be perfection. God is “good.” He is the epitome of  the meaning of the word and He is “just,” He always does the right thing and always has the right thing on His heart and in His mind. Because He is good, right and creates things to last. He won’t ever create  temporary things. He builds things right and they continue to last. But then, sin entered the world. And I think sin needs to be defined as well. Sin is, “missing the mark.” It’s hitting anything other then God’s mark. God being the absolute essence of all existence is the mark. If you think about it sin doesn’t live long , it’s a temporary existence. It creates contaminates and creates self-destruction. It shortens the life of everything that lives. Lets take for example, lying. Lets say you have a living thriving relationship. That relationship is living, so to speak. What happens if you introduce lying into that relationship. The person that you trust is misleading you. You can no longer trust that person who has become your friend. The living entity ,that was your relationship, slows and over time ceases, it no longer lives. You know how a good relationship is infectious? It encourages more good. That’s how you know something has God’s roots, it creates and continues to create.
        Holiness is the ultimate of who God is. Genesis 3:17 says that if adam and eve ate that fruit they will die. Not that they will immediately die, just that they weren’t ready for the knowledge of good and evil. It’s kinda like a child of 2 isn’t ready to know how to weld his daddy’s gun. Maybe God was waiting for a time down the road when humanity would be wise enough to handle that dangerous knowledge of good and evil. Either way, that one choice brought death (Genesis 6:1-6).
       Luckily, we have an eternal Father who loves the heck out of us! He Himself sent His only Son (who is God, the trinity is a strange study) to die for us. He taught us how to live, how to trust, and how to love in ways I can’t do by my own power. What we need to do is make the reverse decision in life. We need to realize the truth. We do not have the strength to do it or to be holy and clean by ourselves. He is Holy, He is strong, we can be holy enough to get ourselves to heaven.
       There are things in this life that will snare us.  We get the easy part, He pleads to us to follow Him. He wants us to take His good gift and follow His ways. It’s amazing that this Holy God would love us so much to become a man and pay the debt that we don’t have the ability to pay.
-Matthew Kelly

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