Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life (All of Grace by C.H. Spurgeon)

Spurgeon starts his book by telling the story of a very poor woman a man told him about. The poor woman tried to avoid paying rent because she was very poor. The object of sharing this story was to demonstrate a "rent" we all owe and how God paid for us. We're all poor and destitute. God says that we can come to Him and trade our rags (sins, what we wear around) for clean clothes. You might think, "why do we need to be free of sin?" Because sin undoubtedly equals death. If you drove the car with your face, you'd be sinning to yourself because that way of driving is wrong and will kill you. If you love to play in the street with a blind fold, you're sinning to yourself because that  will kill you. It's like Genesis 3:4b says. The fruit of the tree gives the man and the woman knowledge of good and evil. God said not to touch or eat of it, that was sin, they will die. The first commandment  is to love God with all your heart soul and mind because that is grasping onto life. He is life. Loving God means constant communication with Him. How can sin if we freely choose to love Him? How can we die if we choose life? This is why Christ is important to us. This is why Christ must be number one to us. We're literally fighting for life and not death. Keep in mind, to God, everything means it's happen now. He is eternal, time to God is relative. When He saysm " you will die." He doesn't mean at 5 tomorrow, you'll cease from living and die. It doesn't matter what day here. When Jesus came to earth, He stopped death, literally. He brought life to us. We don't need to die anymore. If we take on Him for our own, He forgives the debt so that we can be in His Holiness. He died for us. We can take on His Spirit to guide us from that death trap. Eventually when our earthly body fails from the contamination of sin living all around us, we can take on a body of life.

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