Thursday, April 4, 2013

We can endure pain through Christ (1 peter 5:5)

What I find interesting is humility. It's interesting because it's so unlike the world. To get ahead in the world, you make yourself look big to gain power/status. We're like the small dog in the pack, bark the most and the loudest and you look stronger. In this society, we do the same thing, but in a more "evolved" way. To say, "humble yourself" is so weird. It's just odd for the leader to serve, everybody else should serve but not the leader. It's amazing that Christ was a humble servant. The God of the universe, alive for eternity, stooping down and washing feet. God is so good to us. He wants us to cast all our pain, everything on Him. He is strong enough to take them (vs. 7). Our suffering is only for a little while. -Matthew

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