Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Humility :something grand

      I never knew this when I was a kid but "humility" in life is so good. I always thought "what's the point?” I thought it was not giving yourself credit for stuff.  Having humility is the only real way to learn anything. We need to realize we don't know it, and need to learn something new. Having humility can allow for wisdom for our actions, wisdom for things to say, and gives us the perfect timing for when and how to act. Humility, always makes us recognize the truth. We can see more clearly if we’re humble. We are not "all that," someone is always better than us. Along with other benefits of being humble, humility always makes us come close to God. He realizes that when we’re humble, we are seeing truth without distortion. When we’re humble, we realize that God is better than anyone at anything. He’s the fastest runner, the greatest basketball player, the most gorgeous singer, and He has the most amazing mind capabilities. We're saying, "You Father are true and ultimate, You Father know best, better than I could ever do.”
        It's interesting,  it's the key to a) Making friends, b)Earning a reputation, and c) Doing what you work on effectively. a) People are naturally drawn to be around people who aren't threatening. b) You are more sure of yourself and just comfortable being you, if you're around a humble person. c) It will make you more important to others if you're a humble person because a humble person appears to be "steady" and "reliable." A humble person doesn’t worry about anything than on the task at hand.
       To start to gain humility, the  first you need is the same with other things, we need to make "choice" to choose the truth of what is, admittance to the truth. We’re not really that awesome. We have our faults. Just be comfortable with that fact. Once you can accept that, others accept that. Everyone falls, everyone messes up every so often.

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