Wednesday, May 4, 2011

faith and actual action (James 2:14-26)

Works are the evidence of what I believe, It’s the clear full knowledge in action. A concept or theory like “relativity” remains just a thought until proven in the physical world. Words are just thoughts unless proved by action. It’s not enough that you just have “faith” in God. That doesn’t make you holy. It’s a life style change. It’s a life concept change. God does grab our hearts for His purposes. The way I see it, the only way we could be new for in God is in our mental state. That’s only thing that held us the strongest. Even that is weak, in “the Fall” it was easier for non-thinking matter (gen. 3:17-19) to be changed (thorns, sickness, all those things that came through “the Fall”) ,but for our minds, we have a fighting chance. Yes, we still “sin naturally,” we naturally are born with a pre-set mind to lie, this is an example of sin (which is why a little child will tell his/her “first lie”) but we have a fighting chance and more so now, God knows the one place that the destruction of sin isn’t as strong, our ability to have faith that something will happen Don’t get me wrong, even that was damaged, we could have had it stronger before. Our faith in Christ holds us from hell. Faith takes the greater portion of weight. We still need to try, but if we faulter and come back to our senses to what is right, God forgives us, and our faith holds what we couldn’t. Like if you say “ I have faith the mail man will bring the mail today” you believe on faith. You faulter by going to the post office and trying to get it yourself. But if you went down to the post office and came back, then sat down on your coach and thought, “why did I do that? of course the mail man will come!” God forgives us. We sin , come to our senses and ask for forgiveness, God forgives us. But we need to at least try to follow through with action. Our belief is not enough, it’s our heart change and predisposition to want to do more. It’s like naturally wanting to steal vs. naturally wanting to buy. Accepting Christ is like changing our natural urge to do wrong. Instead with Christ, we naturally want to do good.
Father, this is so amazing . Our minds must have had amazing strength before. I think it's that strength that hurt us. Eve's pure intention to be wise for You (Gen. 3:5), but in doing so, she didn't have faith in you're good intention that You had a good reason for why not to eat from the tree. Anyways, I love You Father, I believe in Your intentions for my life.

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