Friday, May 6, 2011

fairy tale of the rock (1 Peter 2)

You know, it's like we live in a fairy tale where impossible things happen. They do. I've had this view for quite a while now. All around us something is put together that was nothing to become something else. A baby grows (it grows!!) into the most complicated thing that can never even be completely understood! It grows inside another human naturally, being fed by taking apart other organisms (the body does the work for it). The thought itself is "magic" but we're so accustomed to it, we just take it as ordinary. We dumb things like that down, through inventions, to make what we copy in nature, to look amazing (like planes are just non-organic birds)....what the heck, how can we do that? We live in a fairy tale where what was said actually happens. In Isaiah 28:16, God says that He will lay down a stone foundation, that is sure, that we can hope in. If you believe now, it's not believing to fast! You chase the sure path. He is the only One you don't need to walk down to see if it's ok to walk down. He is secure. "Give all your hope, it won't be a waste," He says. In this world of uncertainty, He is the exception, He's always been that. In this world where "impossible" things happen, it's not impossible when we stand on our rock. We can brave the journey, He gives us strength to do His will.

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Chris Kelly said...

Rocks smiling. Hmmm...maybe Gods creation really does exalt and celebrate His glory!