Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oceans of wisdom in a raindrop

"C'mon," said Jesus ,interrupting Mack's thoughts. " I know you enjoy looking at stars! Want to?" He sounded like a child full of anticipation and expectancy. (p. 110 "The Shack")

I like the purity of God's look of humility and thoughts portrayed here. He's not anything near small, by all rights God is the definition of greatness, but He lets us come close. He comes to the personal. God is so big He circled back around to simple joys in the purities of life. It's like once you get hugely big enough, you can look at the big picture and enjoy the simple things again. You can see then what's really important, like how certain ancient philosophers found true wisdom in the life observation of a single flower. So the big stuff is far to big and complicated for us,we just need to realize that. The big stuff only creates needless worries of things you can't do anything about. I think this point is well demonstrated in the "karate kid" (yes pop culture has some redemption) as the matter tells "daniel son" to focus on catching a fly with chopsticks I don't want this clip to get you off track. The only point I'm trying to make is the soul focus on one thing to do can be very good. This is a bit of a humorous parallel demonstated with amercan pop-culture. But it's kind of true. For big things it's humanily impossible to have nearly enough focusing power to focus on the big stuff, but God can. It takes quite a bit more time and ability to see the big picture with big stuff, not missing deals. But with something small, it's not nearly as overwelming, we can get all the details and often times make big realiztions over a span of our lives. It's truly humbling to get big concepts out of something small. It's an accurate gague of our view point and ability to see, when compared to God. We see something small and need to spend our lives to dig concepts from it, but God digs all concepts from everything, science, philosophy, ways of life, and ways of doing things, He is infinately wise. He passes His wisdom on if we listen to His quiet voice. He speaks oceans of wisdom. We can hardly contain it.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
(psalms 46:10)


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Chris Kelly said...

That's really true. God, help me to see your oceans in a tear drop. -DAD

Chris Kelly said...

That is so true. God, help me to see the oceans of wisdom you've stored in a raindrop. -DAD