Thursday, April 21, 2011

Justice,Love, and Truth

Justice=The follow through action of a truth stated
Love=Design so perfect, that it is an absolute of forgiveness,willingness to give everything and is based on the reality of truth and justice.
Truth=Reality that is

You know this debate all through the Christian community about Rob Bell and his book "Love Wins." I read an entire article in "Time" magazine . I've been thinking about this alot, alot, alot. If hell has been destroyed or will be someday, if it doesn't matter if you accept Christ or not, then there is no purpose for Christ to be set here. I can see why this would stir up controversy. Jesus when praying says, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me, nevertheless , not as I will, but as You will"-Matthew 26:39. That means , that if He didn't need to die for our sins, for us to go to heaven , He wouldn't die. But He did die. His real love is demonstrated through justice. Justice makes life function, that's what it is, the basis of true reality (the truth that paper can't pass through a table, is the truth of reality. Justice is that or the follow through with this true statement is ,paper can't pass through it). If God allows a lie (God not being life), to continue on, there is not justice. His forgiveness is based in justice that needs to be done. Everything God is and stands for is ruined. God forgives us because the punishment for pain,suffering and sin was paid for through Christ's perfect sacrifice on the cross for us. Love and truth (what is) can not be without each other. I wish that this would be understood by us.

(I don't currently have the book yet, I can't make a proper judgement of the assertion of the TIME article, I'm currently buying the book. I'll confirm this or deny this when I get it)

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