Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aggressive Mercy

I learned today something I never really knew the meaning of. Do you know what "grace" really is? It's aggressive mercy. It's forgiving, going the extra mile and helping to heal the issue in their life. It's what God freely gives. He gave us forgiveness, then invites us to live with Him in His royal kingdom. That's what I love about my Father and I totally don't deserve what He gives. It's like if someone stole my car then they were caught and the police said, "here's 1000 bucks and you can go on your way." It's grace, it's aggressive love that pays for all, even the persons the persons own wrong choices. This concept can change peoples lives. It's so amazing. For so long it's been portrayed itself as just "mercy" by itself, to me. I love You so much Lord.

homework: watch "Les Misérables"

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Chris Kelly said...

So true! I know its changed my life! -Dad