Monday, February 28, 2011

beautiful humility (Philippians 2)

Nothing selfishly, we are for each other. This is something very hard. To live as such a family that even your own welfare is second. Even God of this universe considered made Himself small (Jesus). Jesus the Christ is separate yet One with the Father. The Spirit form of God. I guess there is a logical reason why God had to make Himself one of us. The only way to truly know us, is to be one of us. God is Spirit, He can go anywhere. He can do anything but He limits Himself in human form. It's amazing to me that He made Himself into one of us. What kind of God do we serve now!? I serve and am proud to serve the God with a pure and ultimately beautiful heart. I humble myself.
Lord, You are beautiful. It is amazing to me that You would do that. You've let me know how humble I should be now. I was wrong Father, use me....

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