Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"you shall surely die"

hear me out.....

I'm going to be a cliche Christian and get excited for this...I usually hate cliche stereotypes but in this case, it's right. That's why every so often, it's good to get excited for the unoriginal ideas. It's like someone thinking, because there is a cowboy there, he must ride a horse and wear spurs. It's like because a guy eats all the time, he must be overweight. It's like, you're a male so you must like meat or like outside. We all carry these stereotypes. Annoying when wrong? Yes. It's a stereotype. Just be aware to know that stereotypes are nnnever right all the time. Just be careful with the few stereotypes that are indeed correct. Now to the stereotype I'm proud of...I'm a Christian and excited for heaven.

I finally get it! "You will surely die." God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, not because they'll die automatically. To God the end result is the now. It wasn't that the tree was poison or something, but the tree opens your eyes to see evil. Before, it wasn't even a concept. It's the disobedience to God, conjoined with the knowledge of sin in the world that was deadly, it still is. Let's say it's a sin if you eat. Now it's only a "sin" to your body to not eat. If you continue restraining from something your body needs, you will die. In the same way if we restrain from God we will die in a very literal sense. God made everything. So in a sense, if you lie about everything, that may cause your destruction hence a sin to yourself and others leading them the wrong way. A life of sin destroys God's perfect work. He meant us to live forever, as crazy as it sounds. That's how God created us, to live forever. I know....nuts, but it makes sense with Genesis 2:17. I mean, wouldn't you just think if God told you, "You will surely die," no kiddin' God. But God means you weren't going to die NOW, you will someday. We weren't created for an end. Death, the last great evil. It's finally been conquered. So 1 Corinthians 15:54-55 is right, death has no sting. We can have life through our conquerer. No more saying goodbye. We get to live with Jesus and our family forever. You are good, Father. I love You.

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@I like it. You make me think deeper. -Dad