Tuesday, January 18, 2011

love begot life

I've been thinking alot about community. I've never really understood that God was always making us into community. It's how we were meant to live, it's not natural to be alone, and want to be alone. Even God Himself is a community, Himself. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. As three they are One. The smallest unit is two. A husband and a wife. Together they make one. Your wife or husband is you. You operate with her, as one. Humanity was created out of love. God truly loves us. His love begot humanity. We are alive because He loves us. However evil is self-destructive, not only to everything,but even to itself. It will not last forever. It will die alone,useless,with nothing to show, and pathetic with nothing else to destroy. But love creates Life. We can see that even now. Not only life but hope, and even strength. There across the street was a torn, and broken young man. Abused and tossed out of his home,but then you come along,give him a meal, a smile, and make him your friend. The young man gains hope that he's going to be alright. He then goes about through life. He sees a beautiful young woman about his age. He's instantly attracted to her. The two fall in love. They do sweet things for each other. He, one day, surprises her with a marriage ring. Of course she says yes. They get married. The young man gets a job with a house building company, because out of love, he wants to provide for his new wife,whom he loves more than anyone. Later the two decide they want a child. The husband and wife,out of love, had a baby. Love begot life. Out of love, God created humanity. Out of love, Christ died for us, giving us an eternity with Him. Love begot love. Love really is the most powerful force out there. In the end, love always wins the war. Good wins over evil. I LOVE YOU LORD.


Dean said...

I love it Matt! You're doing awesome man! Stay focused on Jesus!

Matthew said...

thanks bro