Saturday, January 29, 2011

Burden Bear (play on words, oh yes) Galatians 6

O' Lord You love us so much. It gives me passion to press on. I'm easy to drive on, I love to love, and I love Your love. It's unrelenting. It's so unlike in life, how I learned to love. My love fails, constantly. But Your love never fails. Your well goes on for eternity. Who are we to You? We're the object of Your love. You are my purpose at all. There really is no purpose without You. You are new everyday. How can that be? I know this is something I've said before but it's so true. Our Father calls to bare each others burdens, and help them along. Lord teach me to bare the burdens others have. I pray that just talking to me would release a little. But by now means, I don't want to take the glory from You. I would like to help though. Teach me how to help the best way I can. I love You for taking our weight.

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