Monday, November 26, 2012

True Meaning of Grace (Ephesians 2)

We are a fallen people, all of humanity. We've fallen into the passions of our fleshly desires, wealth,sex, etc. (fill in the blank). Not wealth and sex alone, those aren't sins of course...Now, I'm going to go a little further. This sounds right inside logic. I've learned before the definition of sin within the meaning of Genesis 2:17b, "or you will surely die." I think that eating the fruit wasn't necessarily against God's will. The quality of the fruit had the ability to unlock a part of the mind that had been locked, eating the fruit was forbidden until God had found humanity ready to have this part of the mind unlocked. That "sin" causes death in humanity I.E. sex feels good so we think we should do it,it's only really "good" for as long as we constrict it to a single partnership, otherwise it would cause disease (aids), sexual mistrust (general mistrust), illegitimate children, and strife. That is the reason that I believe God wants us to wait. Not because of that weird "rule" you had as a child from your parents with only the reason, "because I said so." There is an actual reason behind it. It's like a warning sign of "no bridge" across the gorge. There is alot of hope for us though. We have grace through faith in God, He makes us new again. By choosing to believe God's life is the right way to take. He offers us life in Himself, and forgiveness and He gives grace!

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