Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The "mystery" (Ephesians 3)

The mystery of God's plan was made known to all Jews who would listen. God pretty much had to make some listen because the Jews had been made very stubborn. Maybe God loves and doesn't love that about them. Maybe He loves that about them, looking for a challenge? Verse 6 of chapter 3 of Ephesians spells it out,"...the gentiles follow heirs and members of the same body..." Paul is making know a hidden thing. I'm not sure why it was hidden. Maybe because God's revelation for all at once wouldn't automatically be accepted by humanity, He knew that it would be rejected. We humans aren't much more than dumb sheep. We march right over a cliff, if we see the steps right in front of us. We just take one step after the other and evidently fall off the cliff or walk into the wolves teeth. We don't take ahold of what is promised to us(i.e. safety, food provided, that we're going the right direction), unless we know the leader/shepherd. I believe that's the reason why God let us humans in on the mystery a bit at a time, because we "need" to be able to trust our guide before we take steps. It's an annoying challenge God has taken up but His patience and love are beyond what we can imagine. I have alot to learn, I still fall into that pattern of trusting what I see. -Matthew

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