Tuesday, August 7, 2012

unity:one of God's desires for us,psalms 133

Unity is a concept that I've really begun to see is an amazing concept,& one that God's designed for Hector experience too. Unity is one thing God made from the beginning. It's interesting that God is unity. He gives us analogies in life to explain Him better,they represent Himself. God is the Father,So,& Holy Spirit. He is perfect unity. He made different examples in life that we can have to experience to understand Himself. He made us to have unity with our spouses ( a very powerful and under attack example of unity), unity with friends, unity in church as His body,and unity with our families. Unity is a very beautiful thing to have, and Satan attacks it all. It can be broken,abused,and crushed. Broken in divorce,abused for evil purposes, and crushed in loneliness. Even then,God repairs that. -Matthew Kelly

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"...humans experience too."