Friday, December 9, 2011

The Right Scope....

 Lord, we're all so weak. I see how much we need You. How much we've always needed You. Lord, You are so Great and Holy beyond anything I can imagine.

      Make me into that man You've always wanted me to be. Not what I think is cool. I look at the stream next to me, I look at how the water is (so glass like, smooth, flowing) and I am blown away by Your awesome wonderful design. You love me like lover. It's like a guy makes something for a girl because he thinks she'll like it. You are the stronger partner. Maybe that's why You created opposite sexes. You were trying to demonstrate ,in a very real way, what You do for us. Your bride the church made of PEOPLE who are united to love You and have answered Your calling. In the beginning all humanity was supposed to be Your bride. Since the fall, the church (being the people who answered Your call) is Your bride. I propose the "Whore" which was Israel in His word(and which IS all of us because WE stray so easily), that God loved anyways  and fought for is all of humanity. I propose Israel, being God's chosen people was the people through whom God chose to bring about redemption for all humanity (which He would not let live in eternal punishment). This was probably realized way back then...but it sure isn't taught. Answer the call.
 I love You Lord, with all my heart. I think what You made is beautiful.

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