Sunday, December 18, 2011

Never Fail.

Letter to God:
You hold us. That one thing has been on my heart so much, a good year. I'm amazed at Your extravagant and awesome pursuit of us. You had us in the beginning,it's Your love that pressed on. It never fails, not for an instant. I do the most rotten thing and You still love me. You never fail Lord, that is the reason You ran. We think, "why am I living this way when when I was fed with no worries in my Fathers house?"We walk back, but You run when we're still far off. You take hold of us and say, "you were lost and now your found." Lord, You

had to change name because I don't want anyone to confuse this with another thing called "love." which I knew about before hand, I really just thought "love." was a great name. Thought I would change it so not confuse. "Basics." really is to show my belief in what we really need. We don't need this fluff in life to be happy. 

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