Sunday, October 30, 2011

Confidence (1 Samuel 17)

    It was kind of a eureka moment tonight...What  is confidence? Where does confidence come from?Really....I guess it is, that you,yourself know that you have the ability to accomplish a task.
     We're all weak, how can we ever have confidence to do anything? I get distracted sometimes by the "waves (matthew 14:22-33)." Psalms 8:2b says, "you have established strength because of Your foes, to the enemy and the avenger" The Lord has established His strength. David has confidence in God, and guess what? He had the confidence to slay a 9 ft. tall man! In 1 Samuel 17:36 he says that the "Living God" makes His enemies like one of the bear or lion he(David) struck down. David had complete confidence in the strength of the Lord and what God thinks of him.He just knows because he spends time with God. He knows God's confidence, he knows God is with him and in turn is able to have confidence in what can be achieved. Anything can be achieved if you're with God and God gives you the strength to do it. Confidence in ones self, is not the source. It's confidence in who God is and what He thinks of you. I don't mean knowing with your head, head knowledge is exterior, but knowledge with the inner most being, your heart. Yeah, you can have confidence in yourself without God but that is so much smaller. As David showed this. David's confidence in God, was Goliath's loss (Goliath's confidence in self). You win when confidence is in God. We win when confidence is on what He can do. It's partially like you think your cooler if you're on a good team. You would naturally have more pride in your team.


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