Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is.... (john 14....vs. 15)

Every so often, I come back to the main topic....

 What is love? Is it just some fluffiness? It's not chocolate, or sonnets, or midnight escapes. To God it's derived down to a very basic element. For God it's not all this earthly romance (although that's nice). In some way those things are a shadow of what it is. If you love God, you obey His commands, it's the same as if you love someone. In a way you satisfy the wishes of someone you care about romantically, you buy chocolates, you go on walks with them. Doing is proof of your emotions. We truly love God  when we do what He asks us to be, to follow His commands.

I guess I've dug myself in a pit now...I've messed up. I'm just going to put that up front. I thank You for Your forgiveness. I feel like giving up. This is so hard now. Give me the strength to go on. I need to always pursue You.  Sometimes I don't show it. I love You Lord. Take my passion as a sign for how much I care and I'm so sorry. I slip up at my weak points. You have my whole life.


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