Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Man and Woman (genesis 2)

I wonder why women always (not 100% but it's fairly common) tend to marry a little earlier than men? Women, when they're just children, they're are playing with dolls, dressing them up, and marrying those dolls! I remember as a child being sucked into playing barbies with my sister. I was, of course, the ken doll. Every so often I'd try to sneak my GIjoe as the dad. I'd try to get my GIjoe hitched. Poor GIjoe is still a single commando. He couldn't make it past the eyes of mean ol' sister (probably spared him). Maybe it's a male and female nature to get married when they do, just maybe. I mean, the same system happened back when there were the only two humans in existence. Is that coincidental? Crazy, but maybe, even that was passed down. Look at Genesis 2:18. God knew what Adam needed after he went through the animal inventory of the world. Adam confirms this need as he says, "THIS AT LAST..." It's the naming of what "woman" should be called. Notice He's still in the naming mode. I imagine God led Eve to Adam in a very playful, kind of "magical way." Like you would for someone you love, without the magic part. Look at this, man was created first, he was in his job and career caring for the garden, Adam waited long enough to know enough to get lonely and proclaim "at last." He was looking for someone, "at last" the woman was born and already she's led to meet the man. Things haven't changed a whole bunch. I guess it's out of God's eternal wisdom. Women for some reason need that, men need to clear their plates, it's in both their natures and it's needed. Maybe you get the point of "need."


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