Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sun rise on evil and good

This just popped into my head yesterday as I was walking into the dollar store and thought of some homeless dudes and the nice old guy who asked me for 50cents yesterday. I never really realized the way God loves us.

God loves us regardless. There is nothing that we can do to get that love more, He just loves and cares as His beloved children , or in our way of putting it, He loves His kids ALOT. Like how a homeless man might hold a sign up that relates to us in someway or makes us kind of chuckle. We might be inclined to help him out, in a sense he earns it. We think, "it doesn't matter what sign you hold up, I'll give because I want to give." The sign could make me laugh or not. It's the same to God, we are (in reality) just worthless, hardly even existing, dirty, smelly, and even not caring, and God gives to us all. He makes it rain and dry with the good and evil! This verse came to mind, Matthew 5:45. We are His and He loves us. It's not what we give that we get. It's who He is that we get. We are made in His likeness and therefore special.....you are important to Him. He will go to all lengths to save you. It's His amazing, fantastic love. It's because of His love that we must love.


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