Monday, April 18, 2011

Out of Camp (Hebrews 13)

Isn't it strange, the Israelites went outside the camp to burn the sacrifice for sin (Hebrews 13:12) I'm personally drawn away to be alone with God, outside the comfortable places. Sometimes for me (not everyone), in the comfortable places, I just don't get as much done and it's easier to sin. Could "going outside the camp" be some sort of symbol of "apart?" Like you become apart from God and the whole of unity that God always intended for humanity? Now that I think of it, it probably is. God has this way of making alot that He commanded the Israelites to do, to be symbols. Just think about it, did sacrificing animals ever really take away sins? No, it was all just foretelling what needs to happen, we're all a bit "thick."Either way, isn't it just more proper to mess with stuff that just grosses you out, to do outside the area you're living in? We are being cleansed, washed and coming back in. A good point is made, Christ was "outside the camp" when He was crucified. It was a filthy thing to do, but God really must love us. Think of someone you truly love, what would you do for him/her? What do we do outside the camp? Well, (forgive this) we poop, discard of radio activity, dump our garbage, and we do things in secret. Funny how they're all proper to do out-side the focus of our daily lives. Life is not meant to be lived in sin. Christ makes us clean and walks us back in.

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