Sunday, May 10, 2015

It’s Mother’s Day today!

It’s Mother’s Day today! God Isn’t both genders but He made both genders male and female because the characteristics of Him fulfill both of the strengths and qualities of male and female. He is strong, He is powerful, He is loving, He is gentle and He is Just. We see all around us His kindness and gentleness. He, the Holy One, powerful God created a flower. He sophisticatedly designed it’s dimensions. And then He made gigantic mountains, terrifying storms and frightening lions as they roar! He is all. He made gorgeous beauty in a sunset, and the beauty of love between humans. He designed the loving tender heart of a woman to accomplish the task of mothering her young (whether they be human or animal), of which we all need. Who doesn’t need a mother? We all need to be set , in the beginning of our lives, with a firm knowledge that we’re loved. We need that to grow up with the security of who we are. When we know who we are, we have confidence for the days we face in life. Without a firm knowledge that we’re loved we basically self-destruct. We easily fall for other things to fill this basic need in us. I’m not saying we can’t ever learn this need for love, I’m just saying that it helps establish us for life. A mother is God ordained to show their children love, and beyond only her children to help bond the family. Thanks mom!


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