Thursday, May 14, 2015

His Way, Faith

    David wanted to bring back the ark of God away from the enemy and to a safe place. David had a brand new cart for the ark to transport it! Everyone was so happy until the oxen stumbled. Uzzal put his hand out to keep it from falling over. God’s anger burned  against him and he fell down dead!
     I’ve always wondered why God struck him down? As I was reading this, I felt like God gave me the answer….
A.   It’s pulled by an “animal,” God’s presence being pulled around by a creature that God never meant to die for, a creature created for our purposes. It’s a creature not that’s not smart enough to know the moral difference of right and wrong. This is what is pulling around presence of the most high God?
B.God meant the ark to be carried by human beings that are deemed worthy. The priests that were to carry the ark we supposed to be knowingly keeping themselves pure, from things that God deemed “impure.”
C.   .Because of both A & B, God ordained a certain manner for the ark to be carried. Humans are less likely to stumble and drop the ark because of the way walking was designed. With walking, you can step over rocks and over ditches. It was just adaptable way to travel along with the given environment. With wheels, you hit bumps, ditches, and can’t cushion the ride.
     Overall, God’s wisdom wins again. Lessons learned here; Do things God’s way and just trust that our Father is protecting us. We don’t need an explanation. We’ll see why in hindsight.

     I’m learning that what He’s doing in my life isn’t instant. There are reasons my wife and I are going through all this hassle and these jobs. I think we need to go through this because we need to learn to just be…. At least that’s what we’re feeling. Like Brynn said, (and I think God has been speaking to her here) “If we don’t know how to really be stable in marriage, how can we teach others” I love my wife, she points out some good things. And I say again, I think God was speaking to her because whenever I sense God’s telling me something, I remember it. The thing He’s telling me plays over and over in my head.

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